Led Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Led low voltage landscape lighting

This is one of the most important Breakthrough in Professional Landscape Lighting in recent years.

Its name is LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting,  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode

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LEDs have been around in great numbers  since the late 1960’s, but in limited applications as red pilot lamps for on-off indication, slowly but constantly the research labs have been increasing the light intensity ( Lumens) and the efficiency  ( lumens per watt) and  although some companies have introduced the LED’s to the Led Low Voltage Landscape Lighting  arena, most of them perform poorly with not enough Lumens and with a Color Temperature ( color of the light ) too cold ( toward the blue color).

Just two years ago  LED manufacturers were able to put in hands of the Low Voltage Landscape Lighting LED,  very advanced, Hi Lumen output and Halogen color matching LEDs.

To compare this LED Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting with Halogen lamps we have the following parameters for each one:

Halogen                           LED

Power Consumption                  20W                                 3W

Intensity                                         1                                          1

Color Temperature                   3000                               3000

Life span                                  2000 hrs                            30,000 hrs



Let me summarize the table: The LED we are talking about produces the same Light intensity than a 20W Halogen lamp, has the same color temperature and last 15 times More!!! This event is the true birth of Professional LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting  and LED Low voltage Outdoor Lighting.

This is the Breakthrough, that I‘ve been talking about. But what is there for you?

You will get from this LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting  the following benefits :

1 – High Energy efficient Led Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting it is 80% more efficient than the Halogen equivalent

2- Led Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Last 15 times more than Halogen lamps

3-Environmental Friendly, Led Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting  has a small Carbon Monoxide Foot Print

4 -It’s Warm not Hot to touch as the Halogen ones making it safer LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting  produces very little heat compared to halogen landscape lights. The landscape fixture is only slightly warm to the touch as halogen 12 volt landscape lights can cause severe burns to people, pets or plants.


5-Smaller Power Supply, instead of a 600w 30 pounds power supply , Led low voltage Landscape Lighting  could use a 150w, 4 pounds small profile one.

6- LED Low voltage landscape Lighting  is the cutting edge lighting technology. Why install an outdoor lighting system that utilizes old inefficient technology?


LED Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting  System Savings

Payoff of the Lighting System 1.8 times is in the Life span of the LED?

ROI per year of 17%?

How to Obtain ROI from your Led Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Investment?


To explain you this we will perform a

Cost Benefit Analysis of LED  Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting vs Halogen lamps.


1: Cost of electricity  $0.12 KWh ( El Paso Tx)

2: Cost of a Halogen MR16 Lamp  = $ 5.00

3: Cost of service labor = $50 per hour

4: Avg life of Halogen MR16 = 2,000 hours

5: Life of LED MR16 = 30,000 hours

6: Time to change  Burned Halogen MR16 (avg) = 15 Mins


During the life span of the LED Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting  an equivalent Halogen system would require the replacement of several Halogen lamps, each lamp having a cost of $5 ea and a labor cost for replacement because it will take 10 minutes to replace each burned lamp at a $50/Hrs cost

Halogen Lamp – Cost of operations for 30K hours

20w x 30,000hrs = 600,000 / 1000 = 600 KWh x 0.12 = $72.00

15 Lamps used in 30,000hrs (15 x $5.00) = $75.00

15 lamps changed x 15 mins ea = 3.75 Hrs X $50 = $187.5

Total cost of operation for 30K hrs = $72+$75+$187.5=$334.0

LED Lamp – Cost of operations for 30K hours

3w x 30,000hrs = 90,000 / 1000 = 90 KWh x 0.12 = $10.8

1 Lamps used in 30,000hrs

1 lamps changed


Total cost of operation for 30K hrs = $10.8

Saving of LED Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting  vs Halogen = $323.20

Assuming the average cost per lamp Fixture w/ LED  is $180 , in the life span of the LED, the System would have paid by itself  1.8 times ( 323/180)

Assuming a daily usage of 8 hrs, the payoff period will be 5.7 years with an  Annual ROI of

17.5 %!!

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Do you have the curiosity of a Scientific, here is a lot of things to think about in wikipedia, Led Low Voltage Landscape Lighting 

Led Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
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