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Professional Landscape Lighting

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At Moonlit Outdoor we do Professional Landscape Lighting and Architectural lighting, we are second to none. In fact we only do Lighting, we are specialist in the art and science of Professional Landscape Lighting and Architectural Lighting.

We are most  aware of the benefits of Professional Landscape Lighting but not much with the Architectural Lighting area. In simple terms, Landscape Lighting is for the trees, shrubs, walkways, and Architectural Lighting is for the House exterior and the purpose of Architectural Lighting is to highlight the more beautiful features of our house architecture.

As Lighting designers we always advice our customers about the fact that from their property, the house architectural features should be highlighted with Professional Architectural lighting  not just their Landcape should receive the benefits of a Professionally  landscape lighting design but also their House should.  In fact their house is Dozens of times more expensive than the Landscape and a lot of thought was put in to the Architecture of the house deserving an Architectural Lighting System installed  to accent it at night time, we should install those systems in your property , we wouldn’t considered ourselves the  Best Landscape Contractor, if we  failed to advice our customers about the hidden beauty in the Architecture of their house and we really are the Best, period!!.


Best Landscape Lighting  for you, period! We can Absolutely Guarantee your Home and garden will become a work of Art after dark!. Our Landscape Lighting Designs are second to none!!

We at Moonlit Outdoor are the Best Landscape Lighting Contractor in the US South West

we install Professional Landscape Lighting  like no one else does .  Architectural  and Landscape Lighting that is artistically designed and Professionally executed to last for decades.

We at Moonlit  Outdoor are not  fast , we are not cheap but we are the Best Landscape lighting Contractor !! You will be thrilled with the results!!

Please call us, we are the best Low voltage Led landscape Lighting Texas

Do you feel unsafe, unsecure or unwelcome around your house at night? We at Moonlit Outdoor could change all that and provide your house at night with a Wow!! look like no other in your neighborhood!

Nobody  is going to design you a more beautiful Outdoor Lighting System than mine!!. I will prove it to you with a late afternoon demonstration, were we will install temporal /portable lights in your property and you will be able to witness the metamorphosis that our Professional Landscape Lighting Design will do for your property transforming it at night in the more beautiful house in your street, we guarantee this!!

You own an upscale property, do not contract the Landscaping guy or the electrician to “install you lights”, they do not know how to do it right!! They are not Professional Landscape Lighting Specialist, we are the best Landscape Lighting in Texas!!

Give us a call, we will visit you at your house, give you some printed information describing why we are the best, we will give you a free estimate and if you want we will schedule the Late Afternoon demonstration for you and your love ones.


Professional Landscape Lighting
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